Influencer Marketing: Deep Understanding and Its Basics

We know that in the Celebrity Industry, everything is a buzz, every move a celebrity makes is a huge gossip. Well, in Business and Marketing there’s also what we call “hot issue”, there are lots of effective methods spreading online and “Influencer Marketing” is the one who raised up and outstands among them.Today, we are living in a world full of marketing and business. When you think of doing an advertisement? What comes to your mind? Magazine headlines? TV Commercials? I’ll tell you the truth, they may not be as effective like before. Time changes, an effective advertising changes too. Now, Influencers simply speak up some magic sentences on their 1-3 minute video and then Voila! Sales do come true! These influencers with their extensive and large number of followers can make you outstand from that chaotic and old-fashioned advertising methods out there, on the other hand, it will also bring ultimately massive value to your brand.So what is Influencer Marketing? This article will answer almost all of your questions about influencer marketing.Before we dig deep to its understanding and insights. We first define the two words:

Influence is the ability to have an effect on the behavior, development, character, and decisions of someone or something, and even the effect itself.

Marketing is an activity of a business promoting or selling products and services.

So when the two words combine, Influencer Marketing is a type of marketing which utilize “influencers” who have the capacity to influence others to buy what are they promoting or selling.There are two forms of influencer marketing:

Social Media Marketing: Refers to the series of action of gaining traffic and attention through social media sites.

Content Marketing: Refers to a type of marketing which involves creating, publishing and sharing of online material such as videos, blogs and social media posts. It doesn’t absolutely promote a brand to generate interest in its products and services.
Both have different definitions, but they seemed to be connected.Influencer marketing might be a hot issue right now, but it is not new at all, in fact, influencer marketing has been alive since the time we discovered social media sites. Celebrities, Sports Enthusiasts, and Leaders were our first influencers in their particular fields and brands would partner with them to promote their products and services. Here are some good characteristics Influencer Marketing is armed of:Influencer Marketing is UniqueSocial media communication has already given everyone the opportunity to voice out their own perception. Anyone who has the ability to speak, and has the internet connection are welcome to share their content. Anyone who owns a smartphone could produce high-quality photography and share it with the world with their personal social media accounts. And who among them has the great and most intriguing engagement will rise and might become an influencer.Influencer Marketing is AuthenticYes, you read it right. Have you seen an advertisement online regarding the easiest way to lose those sloppy fats on your belly? Have you ever felt a single cell in your body that believes those advertisements? Or, have you seen an advertisement on TV regarding a soap which could immediately whiten your skin after just one wash? How possible is that? No offense but this is why and what makes Influencer Marketing authentic and more effective than those traditional advertising you see through online, TV commercials, etc.Influencer campaigns are more organic and genuine than those traditional advertisements you encounter, why? Firstly, Influencers are visible and had experienced or used the product or service that has been offered. They are seen as scrutinized role models and leaders. Investing your time, effort and money on fertilizing their audience and connecting with their following is much worthy as these influencers are more trusted and had become the most trusted sources for the consumers. Meaning, people listen and believes in them.Influencers help you with your Brand imageSocial media has the ability to drive traffic to your website. It can create a much stronger bond between you and your customers, boosts your SEO and could generate media coverage. Influencers are absolutely your “Superman” when you needed a hand to boost up your brand’s name and create a big buzz on various social media sites. They will help you target the right demographic, grow your social media network, shares ideas regarding on creating your content and boosts your SEO.Influencer Marketing is Cost EffectiveIf you are tired already from posting some flyers anywhere in your area but did not get any sales at the end of the day. Influencer Marketing is the best method for you. Although there is no fixed price when it comes to Influencer Marketing, either you offer them free item, pay them by performance-based, or others suggests a “flat rate” pricing. But I tell you, influencer marketing has the best ROI. A lot of research had already proved that it is bound to be more affordable and effective than the traditional advertising.

Understanding The Branding Game

Branding terminology is a language unto itself. To get a feel for the complexities, just type “branding terms” into your favourite Internet search engine. We did that recently and got a whopping 12 million results! Assuming that you’d rather focus on key phrases instead of the full foreign language of branding, check out this need-to-know list of terms:Brand: A promise about who you are and what benefits you deliver that gets reinforced every time people come in contact with any facet of you or your businessBrand identity: The marks that visually present you, usually in the form of a logo, symbol, or a unique type styleBrand image: The set of beliefs about what your company is and what it stands for that exists in the customer’s mind as a result of associations with you and your nameBranding: The process of building a positive collection of perceptions in your customer’s mindBrand position: How your brand fits in with and relates to various others within your competitive marketBrand management: Controlling the presentation of your identity and message across your entire organization and through all media and communication outletsBrand equity: The value of your identity as an asset, based on its qualities, reputation, and recognition as well as the commitment and demand it generates. A valuable brand results in customer relationships that secure future earnings by developing brand passion and loyalty.Don’t get overwhelmed when you hear people talk about brand message, brand promise, brand mission, brand strategy, brand extension, brand revitalization, rebranding, and a mind-boggling array of other brand terms. Armed with an understanding of the terms, you can navigate branding conversations just fine.Branding’s essential ingredientBrands are built around four fundamentals: product differentiation, relevance, esteem, and knowledge. But the magic ingredient that converts those fundamentals into a branding success story is consistency. If you bring consistency to your branding program, you end up with a brand that stands head and shoulders above the others.If you know what you stand for and project messages to your target market that constantly reinforce how your offering is different and relevant, you build knowledge and, eventually, esteem. As a result of your consistency, you win out over businesses that shift with the wind, regardless of how beautifully they’ve polished their identities or their marketing materials. In branding, consistency is more important than level of execution.Too many companies develop award-winning logos and impressive brand launch materials only to have their brand images go sideways when the customer has an actual brand experience. False promises don’t work. Your brand must honestly express who you are and who you aspire to be every time the customer encounters you, your staff, your offices, your website, your customer service, your product, your marketing communications, your news coverage, and every other impression that you or others make on behalf of your brand.To Brand or Not to BrandThat is the question. Well, that’s the question that hangs in the air until people hear this truth: If you can think of even one reason why customers should choose your offering over all the others, then you have at least one reason to brand it.Whether you’re marketing a product, service business, large company or corporation, or even you, the same branding process applies and the same branding benefits accrue.

Buying and Selling Property in Mallorca or Ibiza

Selling Property in Mallorca and IbizaSensibly and ‘in line’ priced property IS being purchased. It is important that your property for sale in Mallorca or Ibiza is sensibly priced, if the asking price is too high then potential buyers will simply be ‘put off’. This sounds obvious, but some vendors over inflate their asking price so that when negotiations take place they will have ‘room for manoeuvre’. This results in them reducing their price to try and create a successful sale. This can backfire!For this reason, many displayed asking prices may not reflect the true ‘realized’ sales prices achieved on the islands.In the Balearic property market it is common practice to have multiple agency agreements so that you can increase the marketing possibilities of your property. The more exposure you have the more chance you will have of attracting a larger spread of potential buyers. As the internet is fast becoming the most important factor in any property search, the more websites your property is on; the greater the audience. This will obviously not apply to all sellers.As the property market in Mallorca and Ibiza is constantly shifting, it is important to ‘keep a grip’ on your asking price and be in constant contact with your sales representative to monitor price changes. As in recent years show us (with all the price reductions) your properties asking price set in 2008 would now look totally out of place in 2013!If you bought a property in Mallorca or Ibiza several years ago and are looking to sell but are looking to stay on the property ladder in the Balearic Islands, do not be disheartened by the lack of profit you make on your sale as the owners of the property you purchase will be feeling the same. If you are buying a similar property in a similar location then the property you buy will have had similar reductions over the years.Bricks and Mortar are still regarded as the safest investment!Buying Property in Mallorca and IbizaIt is widely regarded that it will remain a ‘buyers market’ throughout the latter half of 2013! This is particularly reflected by the lucrative cash buyer. If the seller is in a vunerable position and the buyer has the cash, a good deal should be there for the taking. This said, banks are now lending again which will also obviously assist other buyers.When searching for property in Mallorca or Ibiza and you find that perfect property but the asking price is slightly out of budget, it maybe still worth inquiring on the chosen website. There are a number of reasons for this; for example, due to the huge volume of property that many sales representatives have on their books, some of the prices maybe out of date. This is mainly due to the sellers having many different agents and they may not have passed on asking price reductions (or increases!) to all of them.It is very important to understand when searching for property for sale in Mallorca or property for sale in Ibiza that the ‘press’ or ‘media’ of mainland Spanish property must be ignored! The Balearic Islands are a totally separate entity with very strict planning regulations. The building of new property has been controlled to a far greater extent than that of mainland Spain. For example, in the North West region of Mallorca in places such as Soller, Deia or Valldemossa, it is extremely difficult to build extensions to existing builds (if not impossible). In these areas, there is a very limited supply of new building plots available. These strict planning regulations (although make it expensive for first time buyers) will only increase your chance of making a far greater return for your investment once you own your property.As in any country, Location is key. If you are looking to buy a property in Mallorca or Ibiza for a short period, it is very important to buy in an area that you think will also be easy to sell on in the years to come. Do not buy in a location that ONLY you love unless you are looking to keep the property for life!The prices of property in Mallorca and Ibiza in 2013 are at historically low levels but will not be sustained forever. As the global economy picks up over time, it is certain that the increase in property prices on the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza (regarded as extremely safe property investment havens) will return!

Market Your Business Online

Whether your business is located on or offline (or both), there is no better place today to market than online. There are many great opportunities for you to market online and you can begin taking advantage of them today. When you learn more about how to market online, you will grow as a marketer and your business will grow as a result.Times are changing and smart businesses need to learn how to change with it. This is how marketing your business online can help you. Whether the business was started up online or offline in a traditional brick and mortar store, you can advertise and market online for great benefits.Some ways that you can market your business online are:o Through a websiteo Through blogs and social networkingo Through article marketingo Through online advertisingo Through PPC (pay-per-click) advertisingo Build an email listo Send periodic mailingsHow you use each of these methods will depend on your niche, the type of business you have and the type of marketing that you want to focus on. You may not have the budget to do a lot of paid ads but there are many free methods of advertising your business online, such as article marketing, which work very well.When you have mastered the free online business marketing techniques, you may find that you can now afford to try out some paid methods as well. Or maybe your business is doing well enough that you don’t think you need to use any paid methods. It’s really dependent on what kind of business plan you have.The best part of online marketing is that there are enough varying techniques that you can find several to work for your needs. When you learn to master these techniques to get the best possible results for yourself and your business, you will see your marketing efforts pay off.Of course every great marketing technique requires a plan so it’s important to be sure you get this in place. You need to know what your plan is and it’s suggested you even have it in writing. Then you have something solid to look at to make sure you are doing it just as planned.When marketing your business online, it is also very important that you remember to keep records of what methods you use and how they work for you. This tracking is the key to discovering which methods work and which ones didn’t. This will help you plan your marketing in the future and also helps prevent wasted money and time on methods that don’t work.